ZTEA: Bags of Reddish Refreshment

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Leading others on a prosperous path sometimes opens windows of opportunities. The fascinating story of Phranklin Alli’s entrepreneurship journey describes how ideas emerge from answering the call to serve others.

Phranklin Alli CEO Ztea

Phranklin’s ZTEA idea came to light when he was involved in helping people develop their small businesses. According to him, “Early in my career, I was involved with helping develop small business. We always encouraged people to dare to be different regardless of what seemed to be the common standards. I saw the need to create something different and that looked like a global brand. Zobo was an easy pick because I made zobo every weekend. It could be quite time consuming so I always imagined we could have simpler ways of enjoying this super amazing drink.”

The Jos based business started with personal savings, donations and support from friends and family. ZTEA brand is value driven, in Phranklin’s words, “ZTEA is committed to consistent development. I doubt there’s any other local brand out there with as much variants as we have developed. Next is our packaging”.

The brand comes in 5 variants (Lemon, Strawberry, Pineapple, Mint & Beetroot+ Cinnamon) with 100% natural ingredients.

When asked about what the future holds, Phranklin replied, “we want to be a key player in the global tea market”. After putting in two years of work on research and development before manufacturing, the hibiscus tea brand believes there is a large market for its products in Nigeria.

Giving his final words, Phranklin acknowledged the enormous opportunities in the Nigeria food space. But certain impediments in the area of infrastructure, policies and access to credit constitute bottlenecks for food innovators. “Every Nigerian business shares almost the same challenges- poor infrastructure, uneasy access to credit and unfavorable policies”, he said.

Ztea shelf display

ZTEA is currently addressing a niche of the refreshment market. The NAFDAC approved brand is covering several territories through designated distributors, superstores and e-commerce platforms across Nigeria.

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