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We can’t ignore the fact that she’s a role model to many young Africans, her scorecard is filled with greenovation marks. Yet, she kept raising the bars and winning topnotch prizes across Africa. This is one out of a thousand reason we love Fasope Ladipo-Ajai, but more to be listed.

  1. She started small

She realized that there was an opportunity to start a Nigerian food-flavouring company that could meet international standards and eventually export. So, at age 27, she quit her job and used her savings to start OmoAlata with a business partner.

  1. She connected to her origin

This is evident in the OmoAlata brand, she embraced the culture that she’s not ashamed of the misconception people may have about the brand. OmoAlata (pepper seller) from the Yoruba point of view is often associated with razz female who’s not in the uptown league. Fasope traded with this trade name and made a champion out of it.

  1. She exploited agribusiness value chain

Unbelievably fantastic! In a country where youths rather specialize in tech-biz, fashion, showbiz etc. she went the lone route by exploiting a green deal in a more organized perspective no one ever thought of.

  1. She chose a name we can relate with

I love the brand name, everybody like it and nothing else. Rather than name it an oyinbo name, she gave us what both elite and market women can relate with.

  1. She’s a researcher

Kasope could not afford to pay for a professional formulator to develop her flavours. However, she contacted food caterers and asked them about their favourite blends. She then tried different samples with them until the mix was perfected.

  1. She’s beautiful (sorry forgive me)

Gazing at the damsel, one can relate to the reason why ideas must be birth from a beautiful place.

  1. She’s greenocentric

Beautiful kasope is green inside out. She’s a formidable force in our nascent green revolution. We love green, we love pepper.

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