MEET THE ‘MARJESTY’: The multi-purpose tractor that gets everything done

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After Collins Ehimare dropped out of college some years ago, he spent a few years in Korea before coming back to Nigeria with the single mission of revolutionize the agriculture sector.

This young man not only designed every part of ‘Marjesty Tractor’, he also single handedly built it from start to finish (please see photos below) with personal fund.

Collins Ehimare Azeke "The Innovator"

Collins Ehimare Azeke “The Innovator”

The uniqueness of Marjesty is the add-ons and its cost effectiveness over the conventional tractors. In addition to the function of conventional tractors (pulling, pushing, lifting and transporting) Majesty can also drill bore holes up 450 feet depth, generate electricity up to 50kv in idle mode and it does welding too.

With these attributes, Marjesty enables farmers to generate power for farm operations where it is not available as well as perform routine maintenance, welding and drill bore-holes for irrigation. “This majestic innovation will help farmers save cost and immensely contribute to their farming business” as said by the inventor.

A version of MARJESTY

A version of Marjesty

Aside farming, entrepreneurs who drills bore holes can also benefit from Marjesty.  Manual bore-hole drilling takes three days to drill to a depth of 180 feet and Marjesty can achieve a depth of 450 feet (160m) less than six hours.  Construction engineers who do ground drilling will also find this tractor useful in many ways.

Finally, the cost of a new tractor here in Nigeria ranges between N3m to N4.5m. Marjesty, with all the add-ons sells for just N3.9m.

Collins Ehimare Azeke driving MARJESTY

Collins Ehimare Azeke controlling Marjesty

Collins Ehimare Azeke often called The Innovators is a graduate of no university, dropped out of college but his invention remains wow to our heart.










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