Flavee Honey: More Than a Delicious Drop

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Having a career doesn’t limit dreams, Adekunbi Ogunsola has proved this. The CEO of Flavee Foods and Services Limited who is also a business development manager with a 9 to 5 job has proved that with passion, anything is possible.

Adekunbi Ogunsola the CEO of Flavee Honey

Kunbi, a graduate of Computer Science was inspired to start honey processing when her first son had a recurrent cough that resisted antibiotics. She recalled, “I got tired of antibiotics and a pediatrician suggested a natural therapy that involved a mixture of honey, ginger, garlic and lemon”. She narrated further, “My search for unadulterated honey was real. I travelled to a particular village to source for honeycombs to help my son get relief. Amazingly, this therapy worked and I thought about many others who would have sought for unadulterated honey like me”.

The startup which is currently financed with income from her career is all out to provide a better alternative to Nigerians that are presently purchasing imported honey brands. Kunbi who is an advocate of quality packaging believes packaged food brands can gain competitive edge with excellent branding. According to her, “Nigerians prefer imported brands because of the appealing package”.

Flavee unique package

Flavee honey brand is distinct for its originality and quality. The processing is properly supervised from extraction to packaging and every batch produced goes through IPAN (Institute of Public Analysts of Nigeria) certified laboratory for analysis.

Flavee Foods hopes to contribute a reasonable quota to the demand of honey in Nigeria. The company currently invests in beekeeping and aims to acquire more equipment that would improve processes and increase production in the next five years.

Stating her opinion about packaged food brands in Nigeria, she said, “The food packaging market in Nigeria is viable and our generation needs to change the narrative. The import rate is still high which shows we have a market to fight, bearing in mind that quality and standards cannot be compromised”.

Identifying some challenges affecting the business, Kunbi lists; distance from the source of supply, security and epileptic supply of honeycombs due to primitive methods used by traditional beekeepers as the primary obstacles she is faced with. Despite these challenges, Kunbi remains committed to providing Nigerian homes with well packaged and unadulterated honey.

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