8 Profitable Areas You Can Explore in the Cassava Food-Chain

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Cassava is an agro-product with profitable bye products. Aside from fufu and garri, the starch element can produce other viable products that serves as suitable ingredients in the formation of other food products.

  1. Bakery products

The art of bread baking depends to a large extent on the selection of flour with the proper gluten characteristics. Starch is used in biscuit making to increase volume and crispness.

  1. Custard

You may find it strange to believe but the truth stands that custard is a product of starch made from cassava.

  1. Thickener agent

Cassava serves as thickener using the paste properties of starch for soups, baby foods and sauces.

  1. Confectioneries

Cassava starch is used in the manufacturing of gums, pastes and other types of sweets as an ingredient in the making of moulds, also for dusting sweets to prevent them from sticking together.

  1. Solid agent

Glucose syrup which is a content of starch helps to maintain the desired percentage of solids in fruit drinks without giving excessive sweetness, thereby emphasizing the natural flavour of the fruit.

  1. Food Flavouring agent

It’s interesting to discover that the starch content in cassava also help as a flavouring agent in foods such as meats, vegetables and sauces.

  1. Food colouring agent

Caramel is a product of glucose which produces colouring after heated. Caramel serves as colouring agent for food, beverages, confectionery and liquor.

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