10 Ways to Differentiate Your Food Products on the Shelf

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The secret to maximizing in-store sales is predominantly determined by what sets a brand apart from other brands on the shelf. Food entrepreneurs must understand how a perfectly finished outlook influences purchase decisions as well as seal sales deals. Below are few ways to stand your brand out on the shelf.

  1. Make your design simple

Customers are attracted to appealing package, but oftentimes opt for simple designs. Don’t do what you feel is best but rather understand trends that resonate with customer’s culture and simply apply them to designs. You will end up buying your products if you don’t play by their rules.


  1. Hire a professional brand designer

Choose the best brand designer for the job. Keeping standard is allowed, but always leverage on designer’s advice and expertise. Remember you hire them for a purpose, give them room to deliver a differentiating quality.


  1. Tell your brand story

Customers are eager to know the origin of a brand. Let them know how it all started and why, be precise about ingredients involved. They want to feel it and spread the news. An emotional brand story propels word-of-mouth marketing. Don’t forget “keep it concise”.


  1. Colour matters

Understand that colour plays a vital role in customer’s psyche. Most buying decisions are made based on perception emanating from brand identity characters. No matter what your brand represents, always engage with attractive colour properties.


  1. Targeted packaging

Identify your target demography and tailor your package to suit their lifestyle. For example, children don’t make purchase decision but they influence it. Packaging for children’s food product should resonate with children friendly theme such as, Cartoon characters, Superheroes, creative themes, colourful arts etc.


  1. Sellout with imagery

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is incredibly true when it comes to packaging. Deliberately draw the attention of shoppers to the real image of your food products on your package. A professional photographer will creatively get this done for you.


  1. Create varieties

It’s rewarding to create options. Shoppers choose based on colours and added ingredients. To capture a larger chunk, make choices available on the shelf.


  1. Be clear with purpose

Never get shoppers confused about your product. Providing clear and concise information is one of the best way to build a brand.


  1. Promise value

Ensure to deliver your brand promise. Let customer expectation meet customer experience. Remember first purchase don’t make a brand great, repeat purchase does.


  1. Educate shoppers

If you sell coffee, provide guides to prepare a cup. Explain the usefulness of your food brand ingredients and when it’s best consumed. Shoppers deserve to know your product’s general make up and how to get the best value from it.

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